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Board games are a part of our culture and way of life, and have existed for thousands of years. We might have thought growing up that it was a just a good way to pass the time on a rainy day, at grandma’s house, or just hanging out with our friends. But one might be pleasantly surprised to find just how ideal board games are socially, educationally, and financially to the participants. With so many electronic forms of entertainment available today, from TV to movies to video games, there’s still something to be said about sitting around a table and talking to people For that, you just can’t beat a good board game!

What is a board game?

The term “board game” can be defined very broadly. Generally, any game that uses counters or pieces that are arranged, moved, or placed in a pre-defined playing area can be considered a board game. For our purposes, we typically consider any game that uses a “board” as its playing field, as well as non-collectible card games, as “board games”.

Differences in board games

There are so many different types of board games, it would be nearly impossible to describe them all. Some games use dice, some use cards, some use spinners, and some use none of these. Some games take hours (or even days!) to complete, while others are over in a matter of seconds. Some occupy the space of multiple tables, while others use a single playing card. While most board games pit the players against each other, resulting in a single victor, there are many cooperative games, where the players work together to accomplish a given task. If you can imagine any kind of theme or activity, the odds are that somebody has already made a board game about it!

Advantages to board games:

While most people think of board games as merely a nice diversion from our daily activities, there are significant advantages to playing board games beyond mere relaxation:

  • Educational: Board games, by their very nature, require thought. Most games provide players with a number of options on their turn, and they must determine which of those options are the most advantageous, given their current circumstances. Even the most basic of games involve some degree of chance, and the better one’s ability to calculate probability, the more likely that player will win. We are constantly faced with these same types of issues in our daily lives, and games provide a relatively risk-free environment to practice these skills. Many games are specifically designed for educational purposes, and overtly teach a variety of skills.
  • Social: Most board games require the interaction of multiple players, and those players are all expected to follow the established rules of the game. By creating an emotionally safe environment, children can practice how to socialize and interact with others beyond their immediate circle of friends. Children and adults alike refine their social skills as they take turns, follow the rules, and learn sportsmanship as they win and lose. Board games can provide great interactive entertainment that strengthen the bonds of friendship in an enjoyable setting.
  • Financial: Board games are an excellent investment. For a relatively small cost, they can last for decades, bringing many, many hours of entertainment.
  • A perfect gift: Board games make a great gift, since they are ready to play right away. Strengthened relationships are the best gift that can be given in someone’s life.




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Additional Resources:


BGG-Logo is a great site that provides informative reviews for board games. There is a wealth of information provided by the community at large, and while their ratings aren’t perfect, they do give a good idea about how much you are likely to enjoy a particular game.

Speil de Jahres

The Spiel des Jahres award is one of the most prestigious available for board games. This site provides details as to how the winning games are selected, as well as a list of all the winners and nominees since the award was founded in 1979. (Note that this is a German award. While most of the winning games are available in English, especially in the last decade, that is not always the case.)


This site hosts a number of videos hosted by Wil Wheaton in a series he titles “TableTop.” In these videos, Wil Wheaton and his friends play various board games, demonstrating how the games are played and letting you see them in action. They are entertaining and educational, and a great way to find out what great games are out there that you may have never heard of!