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Board Games

Board games are a part of our culture and way of life.  We might have thought growing up that it was a good way to pass the time on a rainy day or at grandma’s house.  But one might be pleasantly surprised to find just how ideal board games are socially, educationally, financially and emotionally to the participants. And while we knew board games were enjoyable and fun, what we might not have realized was just how many benefits come from playing them either with our parents, our kids, or our friends.  When it comes to having uplifting and enjoyable fun that builds lasting memories, board games are a given.

What is a board game?

A board game uses pieces which are placed on a pre-marked board, having spaces for the pieces to move across the board according to a number rolled on dice or a number spinner.  Players follow certain sets of rules specific to the game in order for there to be a winner as an outcome.

Differences in board games

There is a game for every kind of person and for all types of personalities.  There are board games that can be played from as little as two (2) players up to ten or more players by playing on teams.

Advantages to board games

There are a myriad of advantages to playing board games from educational to social.

Educational:  Board games for children help teach skills in math and money, counting, patterns, memorization, strategy and consequences of choices.

Social:  Board games for adults and children have social benefits.  Children refine social skills of taking turns as well as sportsmanship as they learn to win and lose.  By creating an emotionally safe environment, children can practice how to socialize and interact better in a larger circle of friends.  When friends get together or couples play together, board games can bring genuine friendship and warmth to the entertainment, and a chance to laugh and build bonds of friendship as individuals interact with each other in a happy, enjoyable setting.

Financial:  Board games are an excellent investment for the years of return of quality time that comes from them.  For a simple initial investment, games can then last for decades, bringing years of social, educational and emotional benefits.

A perfect gift:  Board games make a great gift, since they are ready to play right away.  Strengthened relationships are the best gift that can be given in someone’s life.

Playing board games together results in enhanced education skills, improved social skills, deeper relationships and more money in your pocket but most importantly, lasting memories with those we care about.

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