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Collectible Card Games (or CCGs) are also known as Trading Card Games or Constructible Card Games. They are unique in that when you purchase the game, you only have a small part of the available pieces. Typically, players will buy a starter deck, which is a relatively basic deck, intended to teach you how to play and get the hang of the game mechanics. After that, players will purchase “booster packs.” These boosters contain a random assortment of cards, so you never know what you’re going to get until you open the pack. You can use these additional cards to modify your deck, creating a play experience that is unique to you.

Since each player builds his or her own deck (and many players build multiple decks so they can try different strategies), the possibilities are endless.

There are many great things about Collectible Card Games:

  • Easy to learn/Hard to master: There are many collectible card games, and most of them are relatively easy to learn. However, since there are so many different types of cards available to play with (each with their own special ability or exception to the rules), there are nearly infinite combinations and strategies available. New cards are released on a regular basis, so the game is always changing, and the players learn to adapt with those changes.
  • Compact: Because cards are so compact, they are easy to take along anywhere you go, from airports to picnics. Many players keep a deck or two with them wherever they go, as it’s not unusual to find other players pretty much anywhere!
  • Investment: While most players don’t actually make money with CCGs, it is possible. Since booster packs have a random assortment of cards, and some are significantly rarer than others (typically the more powerful cards), it is common for players to trade or purchase them from others. There are even businesses devoted entirely to the buying and trading of these individual cards, some of which can be worth hundreds of dollars!
  • Competition: CCGs are generally fairly competitive, as the game manufacturer and retail stores tend to host regular tournaments for these games (moreso than most other tabletop games). Most local tournaments (especially those hosted at Blakfyre Games) are fairly casual, intended more to have a good time than determine who the “best” player is. However, there are also very competitive events for those who want to see just how good they, some of which provide large prizes to the winners.
  • Social Interaction: Since every deck is unique, it is fun to play with a lot of different people and see what kind of combinations they have come up with. Most CCG players look forward to playing with new people. It’s a great way to make new friends, and it’s fun to see how your deck compares to what others have created, and discuss how you can each make your deck better. Many times you’ll find others with a card you want, and you can trade some of those cards you’re not using!


Blakfyre Games carries a wide selection of Collectible Card Games. We hold regular events for the most popular games (see our event calendar for details), and there are usually players hanging out at all hours to play casual games. Don’t know how to play? We’ll be happy to teach you! Our friendly staff is always up for a game, so stop on by and enjoy your favorite CCG with us!


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