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Flames of War Team Tournament

July 20, 2013 @ 5:00 pm – July 21, 2013 @ 3:30 am
$15 per team

Date:  July 13th, 2013
Time:  Games start at 11:30
2000 pts per team, each player brings 1000 points*
3 rounds-  11:30-2:30, 2:45-5:45, 6:15-9:15pm- games are 3 hours long
12 Teams maximum.  Please let me know if you’ll be attending.
Entry fee: $15/team.  Entry fees will be flipped for prize support.

*Each team consists of two players, each with 1000 points to spend on a force from the upcoming D-Day compilation books.  Each teammate must be able to ally (British Armor and American Paras but not British Paras and German Tigers, for example) and teammates do not switch partners during the tournament.

Each player must have legal list including the mandatory HQ teams and mandatory combat teams.  Extra points may be spent as the player sees fit provided that the player follows their force
organization chart.

Teammates may “loan” up to 100 points from their point total to their partner- for example,
Fritz is bringing a Jagdpanther Kompanie and takes the company HQ consisting of the CiC, 2iC plus the one (for this list) mandatory combat platoon of 2 Jagdpanthers, totalling 920 points. Fritz then “loans” his remaining 80 points to his teammate, Karl.  Karl now has 1080 points to spend on his force.

Reserves are calculated with the team’s total # of platoons.  For example, if Fritz (1 platoon of Jagdpanthers) and Karl’s force (consisting of a CiC mounted in a Tiger I and 2 combat platoons of 2 Tigers) would have 3 platoons total, meaning that in missions with at “least half” of the platoons in reserve, two of the total platoons would be in reserve with  only one platoon plus the Warrior teams on the table.

Only one player per team may bring air support.

duplication of named Warriors (Barkman, Wittman, Cota, etc) within a team.  If your teammate takes Barkman, you cannot, for example.

Each player’s force is assigned a numerical number as follows:  Fortified company- 0, Infantry- 1, Mechanized- 2, Armor-3.  Both teammates will add their respective number to get their team’s Operational Rating.  The Operational Rating is used to determine who attacks and who defends in a mission.  For example, the above mentioned team of Fritz and Karl both have armored kompanies, so their Operational Rating is 6.  If Tommy (British Commandoes) and Sam (American Armored Rifles- total team OR of 3) faced Karl and Fritz in a defensive battle, Tommy and Sam would defend.

Teams with one Always Attack or Always defend rules-  If one or both teammates have Always Attack/Defend (regardless of Company rating), then their rules take priority over other factors.  For example, if Winston (British Para company) and Monty (Brit Airlanding Company), both infantry companies with an Operational Rating of 2, decide to use their British Night Fighting special rule while playing against Fritz and Karl (OR of 6) in a Defensive Battle, Winston and Monty will be the attackers.  Likewise, if Sam (US 3rd Armored Rifles- Always Attack) and Nigel (Brit 50th Infantry- Night Fight/Always Attack), with a combined OR of 3, were fighting Hans (Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers) and Joachim (326th Grenadier Division) with the same OR of 3, Sam and Nigel would attack in the mission is not a Meeting Engagement.

If Dietrich (352nd ID- fortified kompanie/always defend) and Hans (Panzer Lehr Panzers) with an OR of 3 were facing Keith (Canadian infantry company) and Lou (US 29th Infantry) with an OR of 2, Dietrich and Hans would be defenders because of Dietrich’s fortified/always defend rules.

If a team brings two forces that actually fought together (US 30th ID and US 3rd Armored Division during the German Mortain Offensive in August, 1944), the team may re-roll any one die roll per game.  Remember, you cannot re-roll a re-roll.  Documentation of forces working together is required, though this can be as simple as the book you’re pulling your list from or just having a support option in you force org chart that has a platoon from your teammates force.  For example, elements of the 503rd Schwere Panzer Abteilung fought on the right flank of the 21st Panzer Division during Operation Goodwood.

Each player’s company will take it’s own Company Morale checks.  If one player’s company is completely destroyed for any reason, including a failed company morale check, your team loses the battle.  It’s a TEAM game, after all.  😉

Standard Battlefront victory conditions/points determine Team points for the tournament.

Round 1 will be a Defensive Battle, rd 2 a Meeting Engagement and rd 3 a Mobile Battle.

Prizes will be awarded for Top Team (most wins/victory points), Runner Up Team (or Top Axis/Ally if we have a blue on red tourney),  Best Sporting Team, and Best Painted Team.

I’ll try and run the tournament blue v red as much as possible but won’t require an even number of Axis/Allied teams.