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Krosmaster: St. Ballotin’s Day Event

February 28, 2015 @ 7:00 pm
$10 per player ($20 per team)



Entry Fee: $10 per player ($20 per team)
Start Time: Noon
Format: Standard tournament rules. See the following document for official tournament rules from Japanime Games:

Here are some key rules to note:

GG and Winning the game: Each player receives 3 GG and there are 3 Wild GG. A team does not win unless they are are the only players with GG. No winner is determined as long as there is still Wild GG, unless the opposing team has no models left on the field. When tension is rolled, the rolling player picks an opponent who loses 1 GG. That opponent then picks another player to lose 1 GG. If a Team member kills a Teammate’s Krosmaster, the next player on the opposing Team will receive the GG
Team Construction: Players construct a 6 Level team and must follow the Unique rule for their Team, so Team members cannot both have the same unique and only 1 Boss is allowed per 2 Player Team. Likewise, commons can only be repeated twice and multi-man can only be repeated 3 times. These construction rules only apply for constructed not sealed.Initiative: Each player determines their team Initiative total with the highest Initiative player going first and their partner becoming player 3 and the highest Initiative player on the opposing Team being the 2nd Player. In case of ties, the Team with the highest Initiative Krosmaster goes first. If there is still a tie, determine place randomly.

Round Time: Rounds will be 60 minutes. When time is called, play continues until an even number of turns have been taken by all players. For example, if it is player 3’s turn when time is called, complete Player 3’s turn, then Player 4 completes their turn and then all players get one more turn. If no winner is declared then the match is a draw.

Kama and Demonic Rewards: Each player has their own Kama total and must place any purchased DR on their own characters. This also applies to purchased GG.

Summons: Summoned Mob limits apply per Team rather than per player. So the maximum summoned Mobs per Team is that listed on the card. Devices are per character, so therefore the max devices is per player, not per Team. Mobs summoned by a Teammate count for purposes of bonuses when appropriate.

Prize support: Everyone who participates will get at least one of the special figures listed below. These are only available through this kit, so don’t miss your chance! If turnout is greater than expected, additional prize support will be added at the organizer’s discretion.

3 Pink Tofu
3 Black Tofu
2 Pink Mastogob
2 Black Mastogob
2 Pink Gobbal
2 Black Gobbal
2 Pink Wabbit