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MtG: Guilds of Ravnica Pre-release

September 29, 2018 @ 12:00 am

It’s time for the Guilds of Ravnica Pre-release for Magic: The Gathering!

Format: Sealed
Cost: $25

We will be running three main events for the pre-release: One at midnight (that’s Friday night/Saturday morning), one at 11am on Saturday, and another at 3pm on Saturday. We will also run a 2-Headed Giant event at 7pm. (Space might be limited for 2-Headed Giant, so please pre-register!) Each event will only last 3 rounds. This will allow the events to go faster, we can provide more consistent prize support, and players can enter more events.

Everyone receives 6 boosters to build a 40-card (minimum) deck. One of those booster packs will be guild-specific (Still random, but the cards will all be of that guild’s colors), so you will need to choose which guild pack you want. Supplies will be limited, so please pre-register if you want to reserve your guild!

Everyone also receives a foil pre-release promo card.

Each player will receive a bonus booster pack as prize support per match win, with a minimum of 1 booster pack, with a bonus one if you win every round. So, if you win all three rounds, you will receive 4 booster packs as a prize. Even if you lose every single game, you will still receive 1 booster pack!

Prize Payout:
0 Wins: 1 Booster
1 Win: 1 Booster
2 Wins: 2 Boosters
3 Wins: 4 Boosters

We also plan on buying pizza for everyone for lunch at the 11am event, since that has been so popular!