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MtG: Rivals of Ixalan Pre-release

January 13, 2018 @ 12:00 am

It’s time for the Rivals of Ixalan Pre-release for Magic: The Gathering!

Format: Sealed
Cost: $25

We will be running three main events for the pre-release: One at midnight (that’s Friday night/Saturday morning), one at 11am on Saturday, and another at 3pm on Saturday. We will also run a 2-Headed Giant event at 7pm. (Space might be limited for 2-Headed Giant, so please pre-register!) Each event will only last 3 rounds. This will allow the events to go faster, we can provide more consistent prize support, and players can enter more events.

Everyone receives 6 boosters to build a 40-card (minimum) deck.

Everyone also receives a foil pre-release promo card.

Each player will receive a bonus booster pack as prize support per match win, with a minimum of 1 booster pack, with a bonus one for winning every round. So, if you win all three rounds, you will receive 4 booster packs as a prize. However, even if you lose every single game, you will still receive 1 booster pack!

We also plan on buying pizza for everyone for lunch at the 11am event, since that has been so popular!