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MtG: Sealed League

August 26, 2015 @ 12:00 am – 3:00 am

Format: Sealed
Entry Fee: 5 booster packs for the first week – one additional booster each week after the first
Start time: 6pm

The sealed league is a fun, casual way to play magic with a sealed-deck all month long. The first week, each participant purchases 5 booster packs and builds a 40-card (minimum) deck. Each subsequent week, players may buy 1 additional pack to add to their card pool.For every game you win against another sealed league participant, you get to choose one card at random from their side-board (every card not in the deck is considered the side-board) and add it to your card pool (players are not allowed to take foils or rares, so valuable cards are not at risk). The more you play and win, the more you can modify your deck!

The last Tuesday of the month is the end-of-month tournament. Everyone is guaranteed at least one booster just for participating, with more packs going to the winner(s). For every 4 boosters bought for the league, at least 1 pack will be put into the prize pool. This averages out to about 2-3 packs per player. If all the players agree, the prize packs will be split evenly among all players. (This happens more often than not, and the players just play casually, or draft with the prize packs.)