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What is a Role Playing Game?

A role playing game (or RPG) is essentially a co-operative story-telling game. It is a highly interactive and fun social past time in which individuals meet together as “players” and are refereed by a “game master”. Each player makes a character and assumes the role of that character within a setting or environment presented by the game master. The players interact with the story and attempt to solve problems as though they were the character they are playing. It’s a lot like improvisational theater, but with a rulebook!

As a story-telling game, there is no clear objective or “winner”. The purpose is to work together and have a good time. Some games last only a couple of hours, but it’s not unusual for players to meet regularly (maybe once a week or once a month) for months, or even years, creating a story using the same characters!

Why Role-Playing Games?

  • Social: Role-playing games require regular interaction and cooperative problem-solving with other people. You simply can’t play the game and have a good time without figuring out how to effectively communicate with other people. Since each player is assuming the role of a fictional character thrust into fantastic situations, the player must “get in the head” of their character and imagine how that person would react under those circumstances.
  • A story is incredibly boring without conflict, and role-playing is no different. The primary role of the game master is to present the players with problems that need solving. Sometimes that task is as simple as a monster that needs slaying, but it is often more complicated than that. Many published scenarios provide many riddles and puzzles that the players must solve to advance the story, or else they suffer some sort of penalty. Whether they want to or not, the players must think if they want their characters to survive!
  • Imagination: The possibilities in a role-playing game are limited only by your imagination. Creating an immersive story requires creative thought and a willingness to suspend disbelief. It really is a type of interactive theater; the fun comes from taking an idea from your fellow players and building on it. Even the most anti-social of people can find themselves getting caught up in the story and coming up with ideas and storylines they didn’t think they were capable of.
  • Like all games, role-playing games have rules. Those rules set limits and expectations as to what the characters are capable of and what is possible or likely to occur in the given universe,. However, unlike other games, those rules are more like “guidelines”; the players are free to modify them as needed to fit how their gaming group likes to play. The story is what really matters, and having fun is paramount. Players should never let the rules get in the way of using their imagination and telling a good story!
  • Financial: When it comes to cost-effectiveness, it’s hard to beat a role-playing game. Typically, players only need a couple of inexpensive books to keep them busy for months! Even if players invest in miniatures, expansion books, pre-published story adventures, maps, and other gaming aids, those accessories are relatively inexpensive and can last for decades. Most groups will share the costs of such “extras” (since they’re all making use of them), stretching the gaming budget even further!


In a RPG, there are never two sessions that are alike and the unpredictable outcomes make for highly entertaining gatherings. Our knowledgeable staff at Blakfyre Games is happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you find the role-playing game that is right for you. Or, join us for one of our open game sessions and learn just how fun role-playing really is!

Additional resources:

Here are some links to some of the more popular Role-Playing Games. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it a complete list of the RPGs that we carry. As always, if you don’t see a game you’re interested in, talk to us and we’ll help you find it!

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